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Cranial Therapy

Is the gentle application of the practitioners hands to the babies head. The pressure used is the same as if one were testing a ripe tomato.

Why use cranial therapy?
Cranial therapy can be used on patients of all ages, although more commonly used in babies than in other age ranges.

Adjusting of the cranium is done in conjunction with prior assessment. Lara Cawthra, the chiropractor will first take a detailed history of your baby, a thorough examination would then be undertaken which would include orothopaedic, medical, spinal and cranium as appropriate. At this time the chiropractor will discuss with you which forms of treatment are relevant which may include cranial therapy.

The birthing process can be traumatic to the baby as it passes through the birth canal. The baby’s neck must twist and turn, and the cranium itself must fold to allow the head to pass through the narrow, bony passage.

Sometimes baby has been lying in an awkard position during pregnancy which may cause constraints on the cranium and/or other parts of the body. An initial examination can help to determine if the strain is coming from the cranium or another part of the body.