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AMN - Applied Movement Neurology

This system encompasses anatomy, physiology, nervous system, functional neurology, brain function, gut function, nutritional medicine and describes a way of assessing all of these functions in one protocol.

By training with AMN, I have developed a unique perspective on how the body functions.

The human body is the most highly complex and integrated system in the known universe; our muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and all the soft tissues which appear to cause us pain aren’t always to blame. They are actually part of a much grander system involving electrical charges, electrical fields, and chemicals.

The brain and body communicate via a specific language and once we understand that language we’re able to ask the system specific questions and gain specific answers which give us insight into what’s going on in your body.

Using AMN, I have learnt how to speak the language of the body in order to find out where your body has broken down. So, taking on sessions with me, it’s likely that you will improve muscle function, range of motion, balance, and remove tension from the body even if it’s been there for several years.

So, what does the session look like?
I use a muscle test to gain feedback from your body and take you through a gentle and noninvasive system which allows me to uncover areas of dysfunction, which may be leading in to the discomfort or movement restrictions that you may have.

As the communication between the brain and the systems which lie below it improves, be it the organs or the muscles themselves, ailments you had at the start of the session should hopefully look to be improved towards the end of the session compared to where you started at.

AMN practitioners are helping thousands of people around the world to regain the freedom in their bodies to live without the tension and the distraction of pain and imbalance that has plagued them before.

What does it feel like?
The application of the AMN calibration of these systems is similar to the current chiropractic techniques used which is a simple tap or hold.

Combining the chiropractic technique NeuroImpulse Protocol with Cranial Therapy and now with Applied Movement Neurology (AMN), the whole person can be assessed more readily

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