What We do

  • NIP - NeuroImpulse Protocol
  • AMN - Applied Movement Neurology
  • MNRI - Primary Reflex Integration
  • Cranial Therapy
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation

What does a Chiropractor do?

Assessing the Whole Person

Your Chiropractor, Lara Cawthra has spent a lifetime studying how the body works and the best way to assess its function non-invasively.

To assess and calibrate your system to facilitate your function a combination of techniques can be used to suit your needs.

a drawing of a human spine with spine in colour

NIP - NeuroImpulse Protocol

NIP is a tonal chiropractic technique that involves no crack or crunch.
“Most patients demonstrate a sense of relaxation and calm after each NIP adjustment.”
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an animation of neurology

AMN - Applied Movement Neurology

Is a system to assess and calibrate total body function.
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Reflex integration is the process by which primitive reflexes are integrated into the neuromotor system. In the case of people with challenges, it is the process by which the system is shown the proper use of the reflex.
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a lady receiving a head massage

Cranial Therapy

Is the gentle application of the practitioner's hands to the head. The pressure used is the same as if one were testing a ripe tomato. Suitable for all ages.
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a lady doing a yoga stretch

Exercise and Rehabilitation

In line with your needs, specific exercises and rehabilitation routines may be prescribed to help you get back into your life faster. Tell me more >>.
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Choosing a balanced diet containing the right vitamins and minerals decreases our chances of developing deficiencies later on in life.

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Holistic Health

When you are healthy your body is working at its maximum function and is able to adapt to stresses. Illness results when your coordination and ‘defence’ systems are weakened. Obvious symptoms present as the body is no longer able to compensate.
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