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During pregnancy, the woman’s center of gravity shifts forward, placing stress on the low back, pelvis and knees. A misaligned pelvis may reduce room available for the developing baby.

Neck Pain May Result From:
*Change in body positioning
*Carriage of extra weight
*Increased levels of hormones, which shift joints and relax ligaments to point of discomfort

An increase in cortisol (“The Stress Hormone”) is normal during pregnancy, but…
Unusually high levels of cortisol can increase risk of: 
Developmental Delays  

Headaches Can Result From:
Surge in hormones
Increase in blood circulation
Tension from carrying extra weight
Preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced high blood pressure)
Change in posture
Lack of sleep




Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?Absolutely!

Chiropractic may help to allow for a healthier pregnancy
Chiropractic during pregnancy may:
Reduce pressure on the spine
Improve posture 
Help overall well being

Special techniques and/or equipment is used, to avoid extra pressure on the abdomen