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What is it?
Re-Balance is a programme of care which is individually designed for your child.

Who is it for?
It can be used on any child (or even adult) who is experiencing neuro-developmental issues.

What comprises a neuro-developmental issue?
Many of these issues arise when proper integration of the developing brain has not taken place. This may cause primitive reflexes to be retained.  When the systems are not properly integrated neuro-developmental disorders and behavioural issues may arise. 

To experience what this might feel like try this; if you are right handed try to draw a picture of a house with your right(dominant) hand. Now try and draw the same picture with your left (non dominant) hand. If you are not used to using your non-dominant side you will probably have found that you had to concentrate a lot harder to draw the same picture.  It is thought that some of those who have integration problems feel like this most of the time.  They have to really think about what they are doing, rather than have these activities automated.

With having to think about so much all the time it is no wonder that academic performance and behaviour suffers.

How can Hands on Health – Re-Balance Programme help?

To understand your child, your child is first assessed;
Assessment -  a thorough history is taken from you and your child to understand what has been happening in their life, how it has impacted them on a daily basis. What are your goals for the future

To understand how your child manages in the world a physical examination is undertaken;
Physical Examination -  the aspects are determined by your child, and is designed to determine how your child integrates in the world around them. The examination would include; 
o Vital signs and well being
o Systems review
o Age appropriate growth and development
o Appropriate orthopaedic testing
o Appropriate neurological and neurodevelopmental screening, including the retention of primitive reflexes

To help you understand the findings. What does it all mean?
Report of Findings – at the end of the session. The practitioner will go through the findings of the history and examination. This will help you to understand how your child is functioning at this point in time. Together a management plan will be formulated. You will be given a folder with the outline of your plan to take home.

The Re-Balance Programme. What will you do?

From the assessment it will be determined the type of programme needed and will be individualised for your child and designed to maximise your child’s potential.

For example, the programme may include; NIP adjustment (click here for more information), exercises targeted to the specific neuro-developmental issue, appropriate nutrition advice, and lifestyle management advice.

How many sessions will I need?

 As the programme is individualised to your child’s needs it is difficult to put a specific time frame on the progression rate. However it is likely that you will see improvement by the third session (sometimes in younger children results are seen after the first or second session but it depends on your child’s integration rate). Further sessions may be required to stabilise the condition, however after the initial period these should become further apart in time.

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