School Age
Rebalance Programme
Starting school can be stressful for children. Not only is there many new things to learn there is a new environment to cope with.

This is the time when children are faced with many different challenges and sometimes you may note that things aren’t going as well as you hoped. At school challenges may range from health problems, learning difficulties, co-ordination problems, emotional issues, and confidence problems.

When faced with many new challenges the health of your child may suffer. They may become more tired than usual, or may physical symptoms such as headaches which may be a result of muscle tension in the neck or back. At Hands on Health we look at the child as a whole, taking into account their physical, emotional and lifestyle status.

As increasing numbers of children struggle to learn at school a wide variety of labels have been associated with these learning difficulties. Whilst labels are useful that doesn’t mean that your child isn’t an individual struggling with their environment. A child who has a label has their own unique combination of reasons.
The reason a child struggles to learn can be for many reasons. At Hands on Health we look at each child individually to assess which factors are involved. There are often a large number of factors as to why your child is processing information differently to their peers. It might be that the processing function of the brain has not matured as well as their peers, it might be that their posture is not as good as it should be and therefore cannot maintain a sitting posture for long periods of time needed in the classroom, recurrent headaches or back pain could be resulting in a decrease in concentration. There are many possibilities.

At Hands on Health your child will be assessed taking into account their lifestyle, diet, growth and development to find out how your child learns. After this assessment a programme of care will be formulated to help your child reach their full potential.

Lara completed the Master of Chiropractc Paediatric degree in 2003, making her one of the few chiropractors in the UK with formal training in chiropractic paediatrics

Lara is registered with the General Chiropractic Council, a member of the Scottish Chiropractic Association, a member of the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia, and a Fellow of the Paediatrics Specialist Faculty of the Royal College of Chiropractors. Lara is also the Chair of the Paediatrics Specialist Faculty of the Royal College of Chiropractors

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