Healthy Spine Checklist

To help our patients start their fitness programme on the right foot, we’ve released a new Healthy Spine Checklist that allows you to assess the health of your spine and identify any possible problems areas. For example, if any of the following points sound like you, your spine may need a helping hand to guide it back into shape.
Are you . . .
• Having difficulty turning your head so that your chin makes it to your shoulder
• Struggling to bend down so your hands drop below your knees when your legs are straight
• Experiencing stiffness in your body and joints when waking up in the morning
• Feeling sore or stiff during walking
• Having difficulty putting socks and/or shoes on whilst standing

Remember: Your overall level of fitness can be affected by the health of your spine. Getting the basics right first - such as employing a correct posture, walking upright, having good nutrition – will give you the best chance of improving your health in 2018.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms above, make sure to arrange an appointment with Lara at Hands on Health Family Chiropractic Clinic.

Download your FREE Healthy Spine Checklist or you can also pop in to the clinic anytime to pick up your own copy.