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 Chiropractors urge workers to join in the National Walk to Work Day on Friday 14 November 

EXERCISE is sometimes hard to fit into a busy schedule, but walking is a free and easy way to incorporate 
exercise into the working day. For office workers, who are often tied to their desks all day, it is more 
important to get up and moving because sitting down for too long can have serious health consequences.
Chiropractors are encouraging everyone to take advantage of the Pedestrian Council of Australia and 
Diabetes Australia’s Walk to Work Day on Friday November 14. Walking to work is a great opportunity to 
improve your postural fitness and help us to get more active, says Chiropractors’ Association of Australia 
(CAA) spokesperson Dr Patrick Sim (Chiropractor).

“Your posture directly affects your health,” Dr Sim says. “When posture is bad, pressure on your spine is 
increased. This can lead to tension, soreness, headaches, back pain and fatigue. We can protect and 
stabilise our spine by building up core muscle strength, and improving our postural fitness by sitting less 
and sitting correctly. It also helps to have regular check-ups from your chiropractor to assist with 
restoring and maintaining healthy spinal joints and mobility.”
To help fit in more exercise and improve your postural fitness:
 Try getting off a stop earlier and walking if you catch public transport to work 
 Park your car further away if you drive
 Try to fit in a walk in your lunch break
 Talk on the phone while standing or moving around
 Perform regular stretches throughout the day

The CAA’s website www.juststartwalking.com.au is available to help people get walking and there is a 
mobile phone app designed to make the process easier for you. The app measures and maps your walks,
so you can keep track of your progress. So far, it has logged more than 287510 kms walked by community 
users and it is available at the App store and the Android marketplace.

To find your local CAA chiropractor visit www.locateachiropractor.com.au
For more information on Diabetes Australia Walk to Work Day visit www.walk.com.au