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Santa needs to be careful when lifting presents and remember to use correct technique

The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) wants to remind Santa to use proper technique when lifting presents into/out of his sleigh to avoid straining or hurting his back this Christmas.

CAA spokesperson Dr Billy Chow (Chiropractor) says on Christmas Eve Santa has a busy night ahead of him but should take the time to use appropriate methods of lifting when loading and unloading his sleigh.

“A good idea is to assess the weight of the object first. If it seems too heavy for you, enlist in a helper (or
elf) to share some of the load. For really large boxes you could also use trolleys or other machines to
make things easier,” Dr Chow said. “When you do attempt to lift, remember to use your legs to take the
weight and lift, rather than placing the strain on your back and arms. Protect your neck and back by
keeping your head and chest high and lifting through your hips.”

Dr Chow said it was also important for Santa to maintain good posture throughout the year to ensure
strong postural fitness for his busy season.

“Proper posture keep muscles, ligaments, bones and internal organs in their natural position,” he said.

“When posture is bad, pressure on your spine is increased. This can lead to tension, soreness, headaches, back pain and fatigue. A good posture permits you to breathe better and as a result reduces fatigue and minimizing other side effects associated with bad posture.”

Dr Chow says regular Chiropractic check‐ups is one way people and hopefully Santa, can ensure they keep their spines functioning better and help prevent them from getting any holiday injuries.

Tips for Santa when lifting heavy presents and to improve posture:

- Assess the weight of the box, if too heavy ask a helper/elf to assist you

- Remember to bend your knees, use your legs and lift through your hips

- Don’t carry too much at once, you can do several trips to move a few boxes

- To ensure the best long term spinal health, make an appointment with your local CAA Chiropractor, who can give you a postural assessment.

Lara Cawthra, of Hands on Health Chiropractic is a member of the CAA
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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!