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Reaching for that box of decorations may be a good idea at the time, but your back might regret it later.

PREPARING the house for guests and the family with Christmas bits and pieces is all part of the fun but reaching up to high places and doing tasks you haven’t done in a while can be a risk for injury.

Local Camberley chiropractor Lara Cawthra says it’s important to pay attention and think sensibly when lifting or moving heavy boxes, and when placing decorations in high or awkward spots.

Lara Cawthra says it’s important to think of safety first when it comes to putting up decorations.

“When our bodies are held in unsound positions over a sustained period of time, such as reaching to put up decorations, it can place strain and stress on our back, neck and other joints,” Lara Cawthra said. “It is best to have a comfortable and safe holding position, where you don’t need to reach too far. If you are using a ladder get a partner to help stabilize you and remember to swap places or take regular breaks. Be aware if you notice any pain or stiffness in your neck or back, you may have been going too long.”

This time of year also means spending time with family and Lara Cawthra says this can often lead to participating in activities you don’t do very often such as sports and other things.

“Any infrequent activity should be prefaced by a few minutes preparing yourself physically and mentally,” Lara Cawthra said. “Think about what might happen if you go rushing into picking up or playing with the grandchildren. You could unnecessarily injure your back.

Lara Cawthra, says this time of the year can sometimes mean long trips in the car which can also cause some muscle and joint pain.

“You can help reduce your discomfort by taking regular stretch breaks at least every 1 to 2 hours; tuck in your chin and roll your shoulders back every hour to loosen tight muscles; use back support, such as a small, rolled towel and alternate behind the back and then between the shoulders and try to switch drivers regularly.”

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