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Keyboard should be directly in front of you, with forearms parallel to the floor
Helps prevent:
Neck strain and headaches
Contraction of shoulder muscles
Carpal tunnel syndromes
Compressed nerves

Your computer monitor should be positioned directly in front of your normal sitting position. Top of the monitor should be about even with your forehead.

   Screen should be an arm’s length distance from your eyes.  Eyes should look slightly downward, about 15-30 degrees. 

Proper Sitting
Position chair at height such that knees are slightly lower than hip joints
Sit feet flat on floor, not tucked under chair
Relax shoulder and back muscles
Rest wrists on desk
Take regular breaks away from desk and computer by walking up and down hall, office or around parking lot


Reducing the effects...

Chiropractic adjustments may help correct spinal misalignments and injuries that may result from poor ergonomics

Adjustments may also help remove stress from the nerves, allowing the body to function properly.