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Lara has helped every member of the family in many ways, over more than 12 years.
We call her "our miracle worker".
Thanks, Lara
Alan Chiu 2015.09.15 15:08
I have suffered back pain for many years due to whiplash after a car accident. One time, I triggered off the back pain just picking up a bag off the floor once so I visited Lara at Hands On Health for some advice.

Lara was great right from the moment I stepped into her office. Very polite and professional. I am happy to say after my first two sessions the back pain improved a lot!

Thanks Lara :)
Marisa Von Gerard 2015.09.17 22:57
Lara explains the treatment very clearly. Although I had a very painful neck which prevented me sleeping, I experienced no discomfort during the sessions. I only needed a few months treatment and my neck is back to normal now. I would be happy to recommend Hands on Health to anyone
Sarah Andrews 2015.09.16 11.44
Lara helped me when I had shoulder and back problems, she is very knowledgeable and managed to relieve the pain I was in. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she excels in her profession.
Karen Kendrew 2015.09.15 20:39
Excellent service. Very calming environment. Lara is very welcoming, friendly and genuinely interested in the individual.
Barbara Simpson 2015.09.15 05:40
I just want to express my complete satisfaction with Lara's chiropractic care. I have been a patient now for almost a year, having come to Farnborough from Canada. I greatly appreciate Lara's knowledge and experience and the range of chiropractic treatments she offers. She has helped me immensely, and I would heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, effective Chiropractor who listens to the patient's concerns and works with them to form an effective treatment plan.
Anita Smith 2013.5.29 15:16
My son and I have been treated by Lara for many years and any back or neck problems have always been remedied effectively. We would always recommend Lara to anyone. Her caring manner, knowledge and professionalism would put anyone at ease.
R.Chesters 2013.5.24 11:29
Lara has helped me enormously with my back pain.  Her therapy is gentle yet very effective and her warm, caring manner always puts me at ease.  I know I'm in the hands of a skilled professional who can get results!
JP RATCLIFF 2013.5.23 22:43
i have only been twice but have noticed improvement in movement and less pain to endure.i was impressed with electronic acupuncture which was unknown to me,and the manipulation.will certainly recommend excellent treatment to my son in law.i am looking forward to next visit,thanks,jpr
Susan Chard 2013.5.23 13:00
My two sons and I all see Laura regularly.  Since we've been going my eldest has not had any ear infections and he used to get them four or five times a year - touch wood, that's a year without pain, fever, antibiotics, time off school etc.  My youngest has stopped needing his inhalor too.  Me - my back, neck and shoulders and much improved but as a gardener a regular going over from Lara is always needed and greatly beneficial.  Thanks Lara.
Roy Gillett 2013.5.23 11:32
Lara Cawthra was a  great help when I wrenched my knee and was forced to rely on crutches. As well as treating the point of injury, Lara's technique balances the whole body. Within a few weeks, I was walking unaided again. Now, although 75 years old, I walk a brisk kilometre each morning to keep myself fit.
felixethecat 2011.7.4 18:59
Its like magic! Well, I like to think so. Very relaxed environment and Lara is great, very helpful and puts you at ease.
Robert 2011.6.7 11:59
Treatments are a pleasure and effective
Alison Hull 2011.6.5 17:26
For me, Hands on Health comes top of the list for chiropractic treatment. Serious back pain (following spectacular fall downstairs) is now cured and I still visit for the odd "MOT" which helps with general joint flexibilty and overall mobility. No disconcerting "cracking" as you get with some practitioners. The treatment is gentle and the results  near miraculous.  Would highly recommend to anyone.
corrina cox 2011.6.2 20:17
Lara is always professional, warm and caring. she has been very helpful to both me and my 3 year old daughter and it is always a relaxing and beneficial experience.
Sue Lipyeat 2011.6.2 20:09
I was recommended to Laura by a work colleague and having suffered with tennis elbow to both arms for six months was very relieved that after just four visits to Laura she was able to relieve the symptons and give me good advise on posture. I carried on with the exercises I was given and within a month I was free of pain. Thank you Laura!
Jenny Jones 2011.1.30 09:30
I have been going to Lara for many years, she has corrected all my problems which I had  in my neck and lower back. Always manages to get to the bottom of any problem so Im able to get on with life. I visit on a regular basis but any trouble in between Im fitted in straight away.   Couldnt do without her.  Thank you Lara for all your help and understanding.
Patrick Lines 2010.11.30 15:56
've found the advice and treatment to be very effective in helping deal with intermittent lower back problems. Lara always takes the time to explain the nature of the problem and the practical tips on how to manage recovery have been very useful and productive. 
Pat Butler 2010.11.4 13:04
I  have been to Lara a couple of times and the improvement to my neck and back already is wonderful.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone with any problems.  Thank you Lara!
Melshir 2010.10.29 09:57
Lara has a holistic approach to healing. Her calm, quiet matter coupled with her wealth of experience and chiropractic, knowledge is a clear indicator why I continue to go back to Lara.
I have poor posture resulting in lower back pain. I have been to a chiropractor before where I was "clicked and crunched " into place. Lara's chiropractic methods is a gentle way to healing. I feel better aligned when I leave there. I also love the fact that Lara is accessible if you have any concerns with prompt replies to your questions.
Lara is good.
Victoria Jones 2010.10.26 16:28
Lara provides a great, relaxing service. I go to see her at least once a month if not more! I would not hesitate to recommend her to others... 

Nicky Alhaji 2010.10.15 16:49
I visted lara because I had very bad neck pain and problems rotating my head. I also had lower back ache. After only three treatments I am pain free and the treatment was so gentle. No crunching or cracking and I found it absolutely amazing that something so gentle can result in such fantastic results. Never again will I just put up with back and neck pain and hope it will just go away. I highly recommend visiting Lara
Mike Smith 2010.10.15 15:34
I have suffered for many years with neck pain.  It comes and goes and finaly gets to a point where I need help.  My first experience with a Chiropractor was with one that practices the "crunch" method.  Lara's technique does not use this crunching methond and is a very relaxing experience.  My neck pain has gone and I have much greater flexibility in my neck and shoulders, I have decided to keep up regular check to make sure my discomfort is kept at bay.