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Often the first trauma an infant may experience is from the birthing process where the pulling, forcing and twisting action may cause stress on a young baby’s spine. Without the language to explain many newborns may experience one of the common complaints. A chiropractic examination which includes a neurodevelopmental examination is able to determine if the condition is due to a spinal strain and nervous system malfunction or another cause

Further whilst learning to walk a child has many bumps and falls along the way, not to mention the rough and tumble of just being kids in the playground. The initial examination will include a full history, examination of the heart, lungs, and abdominal structures, neurological, orthopaedic and spinal examination.

If indicated a gentle adjustment is given, equal to the force which used when testing a ripe tomato. This adjustment helps to remove any interference to the nervous system which in turn allows the body to restore normal function. Alternatively an adjustment may be a very fast but light thrust over a specific body part. Adjustments are modified to the individual whether they are young or old, to the individuals size and spinal problem. Adjustments on infants and children are much different to those used on adults. Cranial work may also be used if appropriate.

Many parents often see immediate improvements in their child!

Beware that aches and pains at any age may not simply be growing pains but a sign that something isn’t right and that the spine and nervous system may be involved. If you have any concerns concerning your child and chiropractic care please do not hesitate to contact us.